Team & Individual Sports

How To Schedule Team & Individual Sports Portraits

Please use our contact form below to check our availability, leave information about your league and inquire about pricing.

Individual Teams
For single teams, use our contact form below to to check our availability, leave information about your team and inquire about pricing. We will send you our price sheet so you can talk it over with your parents and confirm your date and time.

Generally photos are scheduled prior to practice on a week day or before games on Saturdays. Depending upon how many are on your team it may take up to an hour to do all of the individuals and the group team photo. On week days we usually schedule around 5 – 6 p.m. due to the lighting conditions, as the sun goes down sufficient lighting becomes more of a problem.

Once you’ve talked it over with your parents and we’ve confirmed your date and time, you’ll need to make sure that all parents have order forms prior to Team Photo Day.

Here is how it works;

      1. The parents mark the items they want on the order form, fill in their contact information and put their CHECK or EXACT CASH AMOUNT in an envelope.
      2. On the outside of the envelope, make sure they have the player name and player jersey number.
      3. On photo day they give the envelope to the photographer when the photos are taken. The photographer will not have change available so any cash will need to be the EXACT AMOUNT.
      4. Orders are mailed directly to parents via United States Postal Service and are generally received within 3 – 6 weeks.

It is as easy as that!
There is NO Session Fee for team sports. NO Shipping, Handling or Mailing fees and if your team is in metro OKC, NO Travel Fee. The sales tax rate is not included on this form, that will need to be added when we determine where the photos will be taken. Other than sales tax there is no additional charges than the prices listed on the order envelopes.

Our sports portraits are produced on quality Kodak paper by a national processing lab used by many professional studio photographers and if you have a custom team or league logo, we can add that to every image at no extra charge but you will need to provide that to us by photo day. If parents aren’t satisfied when they receive their pictures have them call us, our contact information will be included with their photos when they receive them in the mail.

Please use the form below to inquire about your Team Photo Day. We will reply to you by e-mail within 24 hours. Sending this form sends your information directly to us. We will not share this information with anyone. To leave a message by phone: 405.366.0096 (Note: we do not respond to unsolicited sales calls or SPAM).